Things to do in Asturias: 5 or 10 day itinerary

What to do in Asturias? Here's a suggested itinerary for 5 or 10 days in this wonderful region of Spain.
things to do in Asturias

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Discover Asturias in 5 or 10 days with my detailed itineraries. In 5 days, explore Oviedo, the Picos de Europa, the Covadonga lakes, the beach at Gulpiyuri and Llanes, and the fishing village of Cudillero. For 10 days, add the Somiedo Natural Park, Gijon and Ribadesella.

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Watch out, welcome to Asturias, a region in the North of Spain that offers a unique experience to anyone who visits! This isn’t my first article about Asturias, and it’s a region of Spain that I really love. With a spectacular coastline, majestic mountains and a rich local culture, Asturias has something to offer for all types of travelers. Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast, a food lover or a history and culture buff, this region is sure to amaze you. In this article, I suggest a 5- or 10-day itinerary to discover the best activities and attractions in Asturias. Get ready to explore this beautiful region and enjoy some unforgettable adventures!

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Getting to Asturias

There are several options for getting to Asturias, depending on your preferences and budget (and how much time you have!).

By plane: Asturias airport (Oviedo airport) is about 40 minutes’ drive from Oviedo, the region’s capital. There are direct flights from London.

By train: You can take a train to Madrid, then a train from Madrid to Asturias. One thing is certain: Spanish trains are comfortable and offer spectacular views of the landscape.

By car: You can also opt for a road trip by car to Asturias. This option will allow you to discover the varied landscapes and picturesque towns along the way.

Depending on your budget, preferences and travel time, one of these options may be right for your trip to Asturias.

Getting around Asturias

A car is obviously the easiest way of getting around a region like Asturias, with no time constraints. However, public transport is also a practical option. The region has a reliable bus network serving the main towns and tourist sites. Trains are another public transport option, with services linking the main towns in the region.

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What to do in Asturias: 5-day itinerary

I’ve really put together an itinerary that allows you to discover my personal favourite features of the region, as well as the major must-see attractions. I think this article can really serve as a basis for organising your own trip by picking out what appeals to you most.

Our starting point here is Oviedo, the capital of Asturias, where most of the above transportation options are available.

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Day 1: Arrival and discovery of the city of Oviedo

Discover Oviedo’s Old Town and admire its picturesque architecture, including the Santa María del Naranco Cathedral and the Palacio de San Miguel.

5 days asturias

Day 2: Picos de Europa and the Covadonga lakes

Look out! Head to the Picos de Europa mountains and visit the Covadonga lakes. One of the most beautiful spots in the region, one you cannot miss! You can also explore the Basilica of Santa María la Real de Covadonga and the Grotto of the Holy Virgin of Covadonga, an important place of pilgrimage.

There is a bus service between Oviedo and Covadonga (approx. 2 hours), or you can opt for a day trip in a small group.

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Day 3: Gulpiyuri beach and Llanes

Head for the Asturias coast on this third day, to discover an extraordinary beach: Gulpiyuri beach, a natural beach located inland in the Llanes region. You can get there by bus (about 1 hour 45 minutes from Oviedo). If you get the chance, you can also visit the coastal town of Llanes, with its picturesque port and traditional architecture.

Day 4: Cudillero

Located 1 hour (by bus) from Oviedo, the village of Cudillero is one of Asturias’ unmissable spot! A charming fishing village on the North coast of Asturias, it is famous for its colourful houses cascading down to the harbour, as well as for its cuisine based on fresh seafood from the Cantabrian Sea.

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For even greater convenience and a maximum of discovery, you can also opt for a full day from Oviedo with a visit to Cudillero, Luarca and Avilés.

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Day 5: Oviedo

On your last day in this beautiful region of Spain, continue exploring Oviedo before your return.

This 5-day itinerary will allow you to discover the varied landscapes, historic towns and spectacular natural sites of Asturias. Of course, you can adapt this itinerary to suit your interests and preferences.

What to do in Asturias: 10-day itinerary

10 days Asturias

Day 6 & 7: Somiedo Natural Park

We’re heading back inland, this time for two days (as we have more time) and heading for the Somiedo Natural Park, a spectacular mountainous region with crystal-clear lakes, dense forests and diverse wildlife. I’d also recommend a visit to the town of Pola de Somiedo, a mountain village with traditional Asturian architecture.

A direct bus links Somiedo and Oviedo in 1 hour 55 minutes!

From Oviedo, you can book a day trip to Somiedo Nature Park with a guide. You’ll also have the chance to visit the park’s eco-museum.

Day 8: Gijon

Make the most of this 8th day to discover the other “big” city in Asturias: Gijon. The city is directly linked by train to Oviedo. It is renowned for its atmosphere, its port and its beach, with plenty of water sports activities!

Day 9 & 10: Ribadesella

End your stay at the playa! The beach at Ribadesella is particularly pleasant, yet close to the centre of this picturesque town.

With this 5- or 10-day itinerary, you can discover the region’s must-see sites and explore the most remote and lesser-known corners of Asturias. Whether you’re looking for adventure, relaxation or culture, Asturias has something for everyone. So don’t miss this opportunity to discover one of Spain’s most beautiful regions and enjoy an unforgettable experience.

Practical tips for visiting Asturias in 5 or 10 days

To conclude this article, I’d like to offer a few additional tips to help you get the most out of it:

  • Best time to visit : May, June and September are ideal months to visit Asturias. In fact, summer can also be great, as it is less touristy than the South of the country;
  • Avoid the crowds: Obviously, it’s still a bit touristy. So if you want to visit the most popular sites, such as the Covadonga lakes or Gulpiyuri beach, without the crowds, opt for early in the day on weekdays. The natural sites are often less crowded in the morning, allowing you to take full advantage of the tranquillity and beauty of the scenery.
  • Gastronomy: Be sure to try the local specialities in the “sidrerías” and small village restaurants, where prices are generally more affordable than in the city.

Q&A : What can you do in Asturias?

For a first visit, we recommend spending between 5 and 10 days exploring the region’s main sites and attractions.

You can get to Asturias by plane, train, car or bus. There are direct flights from Brussels, Paris and Lyon to Asturias airport.

Oviedo, the capital of Asturias, is the recommended starting point for this route.

The Old Town, Santa María del Naranco Cathedral and San Miguel Palace are just some of the must-see sights in Oviedo.

Gulpiyuri beach is a natural beach located inland, near the Llanes region.

The Picos de Europa, the Covadonga lakes and the Somiedo nature park are unmissable in the Asturian mountains.

Yes, Gijon is famous for its port and beach, offering a wide range of water sports.

Asturias can be visited all year round, but spring and summer are particularly good for enjoying outdoor activities and beaches.

Yes, the region has a reliable bus network and a train service linking the main towns. However, the car remains the most practical way of exploring the region at your own pace.

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