1 day in Cordoba: what to do ?

Cordoba is one of Andalusia's must-sees city. Find out what you can do in Cordoba in a day (or more).
1 day in Cordoba

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Discover Cordoba in a day with this optimised itinerary. Visit the Mezquita, stroll through the Jewish quarter of La Judería, cross the Roman Bridge, explore the Alcázar of the Christian Kings, and finish off with a flamenco show in Sacromonte. Don’t miss the Calleja de las Flores and the Palacio de Viana if you have more time.

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Cordoba is a city on a human scale that I love! It’s easy to visit from Seville (if you’re there on a city trip), but it’s also great for a multi-day Andalusian roadtrip. Generally speaking, I recommend spending 1 or 2 days in Cordoba. The city can be visited on foot and all the must-see monuments are close together, which makes it easier to get around.  What are the must-sees and what can you do in Cordoba in a day? I’ll tell you all about them.

What to do in Cordoba: the must-see attractions

Between, historic and cultural treasures, in Cordoba you can stroll from one emblematic monument to the next, from the Mezquita to the Roman bridge and the Synagogue.

The Mezquita

The first must-see monument in Cordoba is undoubtedly the Mezquita, also known as the Mosque-Cathedral. This impressive building combines Moorish and Gothic architectural styles, and houses a breathtaking forest of columns and arcades. Don’t miss the famous prayer hall with its exceptional domed ceiling.

For the record, it was originally built in the 8th century as a mosque during the period of Moorish rule in Spain. However, after the Christian Reconquista of Cordoba in the 13th century, the mosque was converted into a cathedral. A Gothic cathedral was built at the heart of the mosque. A magnificent example of Andalusia’s blend of cultures!

Book your ticket for the Mezquita in Cordoba

💡 The Mezquita is one of the most visited monuments in Cordoba. I advise you to book your ticket in advance and online to avoid the line. If you buy your ticket online, you also get a guided tour in English, which is an interesting way to learn more about this place steeped in history.

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que faire à cordoue visite de la mezquita, intérieur de la mezquita

La Juderia

Near the Mezquita, you’ll find Cordoba’s Jewish quarter, known as the Judería. Take a stroll in its narrow streets and admire the flower-filled patios, testimony to the city’s Jewish past. Visit the Córdoba Synagogue, one of the only well-preserved medieval synagogues in Spain (a word of advice here: look up!).

The Alcázar of the Christian Kings

This fortified palace, built in the time of the Catholic kings, boasts lush gardens, tranquil patios and Arab baths. Stroll through its magnificent gardens and discover the many architectural influences that have marked its history.

💡 Visitor tip: to get the most out of your visit to Cordoba, I recommend choosing a full city tour with an English-speaking guide. Entrance to the monuments (Mezquita, Synagogue, Alcázar of the Catholic Kings) is also included.

The Roman Bridge

One of the most magical moments in Córdoba is crossing the famous Roman Bridge over the River Guadalquivir. This thousand-year-old structure offers breathtaking views over the city and is an ideal spot from which to watch the sun set.

Calleja de las Flores

Located in the historic district of La Judería, this picturesque little alleyway is renowned for its magnificent flower-filled patios, which attract many visitors! Personally, I think it’s one of the most beautiful streets in the city. In spring, when the flowers are there, it smells soooo good!

Calleja de las Flores

The Palace and patios of Viana

The Palais de Viana is a collection of twelve distinct patios, each with its own charm and character. Each patio is carefully landscaped, with lush gardens, fountains, paving stones and unique decorative features. The patios are adorned with colourful plants, including flowers, shrubs and trees, creating a peaceful and fragrant atmosphere.

I wouldn’t put it at the top of the list of things to do in Cordoba, especially not if you’re only going for a day, but if you have more time, it’s well worth the diversions.

💡 There are several possible tour options: the Palace without the patios; the Patios alone or a guided tour combining the whole. I actually recommend the latter option to be accompanied by a local expert who can comment on all the particularities of each patio.

The Medina Azahara

A little outside the city, it’s also a visit I’d recommend if you have the time. If you’re coming from Seville by car, it’s even simpler: it’s a simple stopover with no detours on the way!

It is an ancient city built in the 10th century by the Umayyad caliph Abd al-Rahman III. Medina Azahara was once the seat of caliphal power and a symbol of the greatness of Islamic Andalusia. The palatial city was made up of palaces, residences, gardens and mosques, designed with sumptuous architecture and precious materials.

La Medina Azahara

💡 If you book online and in advance, you’ll be able to take the transfer from Cordoba and guided tour option.

A day in Cordoba: programme

What can you do in Cordoba in a day? I’m sharing my own programme for the best possible visit to the city.


Opt for a visit to the Mezquita in the early hours. You’ll avoid the crowds and its central location will allow you to explore the rest of the city afterwards.

Next, head for the Judería district, Cordoba’s Jewish quarter. Lose yourself in the narrow streets, admire the flower-filled patios and pass by the Synagogue. And don’t forget … the Calleja de las Flores!

I recommend having lunch in this area.


Cross Cordoba’s Roman bridge and enjoy the panoramic view over the River Guadalquivir. You can also climb the Calahorra Tower (not mentioned in the article, this is a mini-museum where you can learn more about the city’s history).

Evening :

To finish on a high note, take in a flamenco show in one of the city’s tablaos.

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Cordoba is truly a city not to be missed on your trip to Spain. Its unique cultural heritage, remarkable historic sites and captivating atmosphere will transport you back to a rich and fascinating past.

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Q&A: What to do in Córdoba

We recommend spending 1 or 2 days in Córdoba to fully explore the city.

The Mezquita, also known as the Mosque-Cathedral, is Cordoba’s first must-see attraction.

As well as the Mezquita, there is the Judería, the Alcázar of the Christian Kings, the Roman Bridge, the Calleja de las Flores, the Palacio and patios of Viana, and the Medina Azahara.

Start at the Mezquita in the morning, explore the Judería, have lunch in the district, cross the Roman Bridge in the afternoon, and finish with a flamenco show in the evening.

Yes, we strongly recommend that you book your tickets in advance to avoid long lines.

It is an ancient city built in the 10th century by the Umayyad caliph Abd al-Rahman III, symbolising the greatness of Islamic Andalusia.

You can enjoy a flamenco show in one of the city’s tablaos. It is advisable to book your place in advance.

Spring, when the flowers are in full bloom, is the ideal time to visit the Calleja de las Flores.

Córdoba is easily accessible from Seville, whether you’re on a city trip or an Andalusian roadtrip lasting several days.

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