Things to do on the Tabarca Island

Did you know that there was an inhabited and, above all, accessible island in the Valencian Community? Let me take you on a voyage of discovery to Tabarca!
things to do on the Tabarca Island

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Tabarca, a former pirate island

Tabarca is an island belonging to the Valencian Community, and the only populated island in the region.

It is said that the island was a refuge for Berber pirates (before 1700 BC, so that’s a long time ago!) who stopped off here before attacking the coast. Later, the island was populated by Genoese Tabarquins (from the Turkish island of Tabarka), former slaves.

Tabarca is now a major tourist attraction in the region and, above all, Spain’s first marine reserve!

How do I get there?

The island of Tabarca is located 22km off Alicante and 8km from Santa Pola. The island can be reached by boat from these 2 towns. From Santa Pola, the crossing takes around 20 minutes and costs €15.  From Alicante, the price is €22 for a 45-minute crossing.

Tip: at the height of the season, take one of the first boats before the tourists arrive, and make sure you book in advance!

What can you do on the island of Tabarca?


The island is very small and you can get round it quickly. Start by visiting the town when you disembark and then head for the nature reserve in search of a secluded cove and enjoy! The island is also well known for snorkelling and paddle boarding.

We followed this walk (6km = around the island) before settling down at the water’s edge.

There are also a dozen hotels and bed & breakfasts on the island.

Have a bite to eat?

The restaurants are concentrated in the built-up part of the island, next to the port.

I always like to go deep into the city to find a nice little hidden address! Here, all you have to do is leave the main street.

Restaurants tested
Don Jeronimo: a success, a platter of fresh, hearty fried fish and seafood for €20 (there were 3 of us!).

Other places that look nice:
Restaurante La Muralla: located right next to Don Jeronimo.
Restaurant Casa Glòria: with a terrace by the sea.

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